At our last hostel we met a French couple doing a World Tour. They hit up Oman, United Arab Emirates, Malasia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Caledonia, US, Mexico, and were on their way to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Toronto.

And then they told us that their plane tickets only cost 2000 euros. Total.

I'm sure it's not news to some, but it sure was news to us! Apparently you can pay 2000 euros for an open-ended plane ticket, valid for up to a year, for up to 20 destinations. There are also some restrictions regarding continents, or number of miles.

They also said that it was cheaper to buy it in the UK than in France; histoire de ne pas devoir payer certains impots, etc. I'm sure a google search would bring up the phone number you need to call to get this deal.

I personally will have to wait until my bank account is happier, but still, it's pretty cool...

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    Kate said...

    You can get cheap round-the-world tickets in Canada too. That's what Brittany and Geoff did.

  1. ... on January 29, 2009 at 1:06 AM