Our 4-day viaje in Zihuatanejo proved to be rich in sunshine, beaches, and creatures. As we are whisked away in air-conditioned economico bus luxury to Puerto Escondido via Acapulco, we can't help but reminisce about the animals that made our potentially tourist-ridden stay filled with "awww" and wonder:

* Droves of cormorants dive-bombing into the sea creating an explosion of water with each fishing attempt

* Hostel cats that have mastered the art of rolling into a hammock and taking a 4 hour siesta

* Tiny black chihuahua dogs blinking at you with such high frequency that you feel compelled to look away

* Lion-sized dogs made of pure, gleaming muscle, extremely well-behaved but still make you anxious when he nuzzles your crotch

* A yellow and green parrot that hangs upside-down and laughs at you while you encounter the lion dog

* Sailfish, as long as a 10-yr-old boy is tall, brought in by proud young fisherman ready to be sold and cooked at beachside restaurants

* Trumpet fish with shark-like fins that peek through the waves, which make Angelica panic in her snorkel gear and make Kenzo curious

* No monkeys

* Rooster in a box

* Three rock fish that we catch from the pier using fishing line and water bottles. And big fat blue fish that escape our lures, because they do not like our carne de pollo, solo carne de pescada (according to a local boy).

Thanks Zihua!

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