Yesterday we ordered roasted chicken and other side dishes in Chapala. Being both really hungry we ate heartily and at one point, Kenzo gulped a full spoon of a green looking soup, before realizing it was in fact some very spicy chili sauce. Kenzo was silent for a few minutes.

While waiting for our bus to Colima we ordered a tortas (sandwich) at the airport-like Nueva Central bus station of Guadalajara. We asked for "sin chili, no picante por favor", which was acknowledged by the vendor repeating what we had just said. Problem is, it was still rather spicy. Communication fail or mandatory minimum mexican chili? I say the latter.

After about an hour on the bus, we're still in sprawling Guadalajara. Everytime we stop, vendors flock around the cars around trying to sell bread loaves, sunglasses, fruits, coconut milk, cleaning windshields, and even playing a quick clown show, asking for money in the middle of the street as cars speed up (yes a driver actually gave a few coins in passing). Even more surprising, once in a while the bus driver would open the doors just for the vendors to peddle their wares in the bus. We succumbed for a big cup full of yummy looking fruits that nearly killed Angelica. That's right. Problem was, Mexicans like sprinkling SALT and CHILI on their fruits. It was so spicy that Angelica literally choked on a piece of watermelon, trying to utter an inaudible "I'm choking".  Kenzo stood by holding a container thinking Angelica was just puking from grossness. Fail.

But rest assured, Angelica eventually coughed it out herself. Meanwhile, Kenzo wondered the whole bus trip why his rear was so sore. The culprit: he'd spent the 4-hour long bus ride sitting on the Spanish phrasebooks he'd stowed in his back pockets.  

That last story isn't really about chili, but...

Oh hey, we're in Colima! 

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    Kered said...

    Kenzo, do you know you're talking just like Alain Delon? :p

    I'm sad to hear about your almost-death, Angelica. Seriously - this country is too wild for you, go back home, lol

  1. ... on January 3, 2009 at 3:23 PM  
  2. KiYun said...

    Really well written. Entertaining stories. All on a little G1?

  3. ... on January 4, 2009 at 1:36 AM  
  4. Angelica said...

    Yep. Need more long bus rides where Kenzo can compose on the G1 :)

  5. ... on January 4, 2009 at 2:04 AM