Alright, it doesn't look like much, but behold the Best Macaron on Earth. Clearly not made by me (yet! :D), this Pistachio Macaron can be found at Chez Paul at the Aeroport de Nice. It comes straight out of the refrigerated display and must be eaten right away.

The filling appears to be a white chocolate-based ganache, I believe, and has a smooth, cool taste that isn't overpoweringly sweet. The pistachio biscuit is in perfect harmony with the ganache, crispy, but not crunchy, chewy, but not gummy. And although Chez Paul has a decent selection of other flavours, pistachio rules them all.

The perfect macaron.

Myself and two other french people have called this the best macaron they've ever tasted, and that's after heartily perusing the selection at Paris' Laduree. Oh, Chez Paul. You give me something to strive for.

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